New website

Good morning,
Well, through quite a bit of hard work, our new website is up and running. We’ll be adding to as the days go by so we hope you’ll go there often.
As you know we’ve been podcasting from the palatial Motoworld Studios here in beautiful Fillmore, Ca. and listenership keeps climbing with each new show. Thank you. We are also part of a group of motorcycle podcasters known as ‘The Motorcycle Podcast Group’. and you find links to them through the links page on themotoworld website. Last night we all got together on Skype for a roundtable discussion about things motorcycling..a couple of good topics like, what’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever done on a motorcycle ( there were some dandy’s!) and what kind of motorcycles we all have, favorite trips and dream trips. I had a great time with the other podcasters and I’m sure you’ll have a great time listening to it as well. We have nearly two hours of gabbing away that will get edited down to about an hour. I’ll post here when it’s up on the net for your dining and dancing pleasure!
As a former roadracer, I plan my weekend around what races are on TV and we have a group of us racers that get together regularly throughout the season to eat, drink watch the races and what a season MotoGP is turning out to be. The race last week from Mugello was probably the best race I’ve seen in years..exciting from first lap to last. And I think Valentino Rossi is not going be able to runaway with championship this year. I’ve always been a fan of Loris Capirossi and it was thrilling to see he and the Ducati put pressure on Vale and… Nicky Hayden!! The Kentucky Kid was rockin’. Even though he’s been put in the role of developer by Honda, his racing this season is just spectacular. So come on HRC…give Nicky the ‘go-fast’ parts! The sad part of this season is poor John Hopkins and his not so reliable and not so fast Suzuki. Hopper is such a talented rider and a very nice young man. I remember when little John was a teenager and hustling a 125 around Willow Springs. I was racing a Honda 500 single back then, he and that little buzzbomb would go inside of me in Turn 8 and 9 with no effort…me and my motorbike were pretty slow I guess??!! Anyway, it’s been great to watch his career blossom, now if Suzuki could just find him some horsepower.
well, that’s it for this week..check out our new website, listen to the podcast and check the motorcycle podcast group. Ride safe, have fun and I’ll see you on the road.

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