Daytona Bike Week…what a show

If you have never been to Daytona Bike Week, you need to go. If only once. It’s quite an experience. So how did I end up there this year you ask?? My day job, sales rep for Galfer Performance Brakes, sent me. Two weeks. More work time than fun time but the fun time more than made up for the work time. We see the racing on TV and a little bit of the scene, well let me tell you, ‘The Scene’ IS the show.

My friend Aaron and I arrived in Orlando on Wednesday night about three hours late, airline travel in 2008, you’d think it would get better instead of worse… AND it was a balmy 35 degrees !!?? I’m in a T-Shirt!? not smart on my part..I was told before I left home to take some more warm clothes..did I listen? uh, no. Gourmet dinner at the McDonalds next to the hotel… business travel is so glamorous. Thursday dawns bright and beautiful and still too cold for Florida as far as I’m concerned. After renting a high style U-haul van Aaron and I head off to Winter Garden Florida to the legendary ‘Custom Sportbike Concepts’ and my friend Nick. If you guys are into customizing sportbikes, this is the man to talk to. Check out any issue of Two Wheel Tuner Magazine and there you will find more of his creations than just about anybody elses. Very cool stuff. Check out his website NIck was good enough to let us ship all our products to his shop for Bike week. After a good visit it’s on to Daytona Beach.

Our hotel is right on Speedway Blvd. pretty cool. We’re there a couple of days early so we can get set up so not a lot of bikes cruising around quite yet. Because it’s club racing, the first part of Bike ‘Week’ is pretty quiet..good racing though. The Moto-ST series is very cool..all Twin Cylinder bikes..and based on horsepower, not so much on displacement. Pretty cool seeing built to the hilt Suzuki SV650’ and beating bigger bikes. Now, I have to say..watching motorcycles go around the banking for the first time is truly awe inspiring. I have a couple of friends who have raced there, I envied them then, now I really admire them…and I still really envy them !!

After a couple of somewhat quiet nights Aaron and I decide it’s time to hit the main drag, the BIG SHOW..main street I called my son from there and just held up my phone so he could here the cacophony..big word for a lot of Harley noise!!! You can barely walk down the sidewalk. Nine Gazillion people and bikes parked on the sidewalk. Main Street is closed off to cars for a full week..bikes only. And I gotta tell you.. a lot of very cool motorcycles. Yeah, mostly Harleys, but a few really interseting bikes. From a very unique Honda 350 to a couple of old Vespa’s, a beautiful 83 Suzuki GS1100..the list goes on. My young friend Aaron was truly in awe and having a great time..check out his smile !!
It litterally took us 2 hours to walk a few blocks there were so many people and bikes but it was very cool and fun..however..we only got flashed twice..Aaron was so disappointed. After one good tour of the scene, we decided it was time for dinner..however this time something a little more upscale than McDonalds…Wing House here we come….chicken and cold beer..what better eh??

Sunday a full day of racing…but thats in the next post….
Ride safe, ride fast..but most of all, go riding…


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