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A friend needs help

Good morning,
Frank Scurria, a great gentleman and a very important part of Ducati’s racing history needs everyones help. Prior to the MotoGP at Laguna Seca last month was a great event, The Moto Giro America, a multi day tour around the Monterey Peninsula area culminating at Laguna Seca Raceway. During the event Frank was very seriously injured in a much too close encounter with a car.

Multiple broken bones, internal injuries and a number of surgeries later, Frank is still in an induced coma in the hospital. This is a very sad situation and our friend needs help.

A couple of years ago I had the opportunity, the privilege, of spending time with Frank talking about his racing history with Ducati. He was so much fun to talk with. He gets so excited talking about those times. You can listen to that interview on the motoworld podcast,

To learn more about Frank Scurria, go to there you’ll find pictures of Frank in his racing days, hangin’ out with his old racing buddies Paul Smart and Paul Ritter and the updates on his current condition. There are also links you can access for sending cards and donations to help Frank. We all know that insurance only covers so much and injuries like this can easily shoot past insurance coverage. So, if you have a love of Ducati racing..take a few moments and a few dollars to help out one of the influential riders in Ducati’s racing history. And a few prayers wouldn’t hurt either.

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