‘doing the ton’

Cafe Racers, TT racers (as in Tavern to Tavern), whatever you call them, they are way cool.

As you may know, I love the Honda 350…don’t ask, I don’t know. Years back, a good friend of mine ‘Chopped’ one!..the dysfunctional TV family (OCC) could learn something from that bike…and I cafe’d mine out. Clubman bars, Mulholland shocks, different fork springs, a Suzuki500 front drum brake, a CL exhaust (with baffle cut down a little) and a cool seat! You should have seen us riding down the road…we put the ‘fun’ in dysfunctional!

Anyway, As I was cruising the net I found a very cool blog about Cafe’ Racers www.caferacers.wordpress.com
This guy scours around e-bay, different motorcycle sites and generally all over the place digging up cafe bikes. He comments, posts pictures and in general has fun with it. Apparently he is building his own Cafe’ bike out of his HD Sportster..brave man.

Give it look, I think you’ll find it interesting.
ride safe, ride fast…if you’re on a good cafe racer..

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