It takes balls

Good afternoon all,

Up until a while back, this time of year I would be preparing for the annual ‘3 Flags Classic’ ride put on by the SCMA. It’s a great trip. Somewhere in Mexico to somewhere in Canada in 3 1/2 days on mostly secondary roads. I made new friends, saw new places and got to know myself a bit better. Time inside your helmet does that to one on a long ride.

One particular ‘3 Flags’ ride I came upon this sign. I was laughing so hard I almost rode off the road. Only in the farthest of places in the mountains will this happen. Apparently it’s a big event. Too bad it had already happened, it would have been worth the delay to participate.

Maybe the ‘Testicle Festival’ is a worthy destination for my next big trip? I’ll see if I can convince the wife. I can pretend to be surprised on the way to Glacier National Park or to the Beartooth Pass. What do you think the odds are? Slim and none? Me too.

Ride safe, ride fast and ride far


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