The Sunday Ride

Thirty plus years ago was one of the best evenings of my motorcycling life. I was going to UCLA and down the street the local movie theater was playing Bruce Browns ‘On Any Sunday’. I sat there in the theater and watched the movie twice. At around midnight when I was told to leave, they wouldn’t play the movie again for me…not customer service oriented I guess, I walked out into a drizzly night just wanting to ride my motorcycle. Lucky for me, my 1969 Triumph T100R (Daytona 500) was sitting right there.

I rode all night into Sunday morning. Mulholland Drive to Hollywood, Sunset Boulevard to Pacific Coast Hiway, Tuna Canyon to Stunt Road to Mulholland Hiway and back to the coast. It was a great night. Visions of Steve McQueen, Mert Lawill and Malcolm Smith stuck in my mind. My little Daytona never faltered (remember, it had Lucas electrics??!!) and we had a great time.

After arriving home in time to have a cup of tea with my grandmother, a short nap and a couple of phone calls to riding was the best of Sunday rides..up Angeles Crest Hiway. Perfect weather, no traffic, no CHP…nothing but a high giggle factor day.

Riding all night into Sunday doesn’t happen so much any longer, but I still ride a Triumph Daytona. The Sunday ride is still the best part of any week.

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