once a gearhead…

…always a gearhead

A few years back, a young friend of mine, actually a friend of my son’s, came into my surf shop with an idea of having a car and motorcycle show at the local fairgrounds. Not chrome, paint, hydraulics and bling…Primer. Rat cars, rat bikes and tattoo’s. The real deal. You had to drive the car in, ride the bike in…no ‘trailer queens’ allowed.
“The Primer Nationals” was born.

Tory DuVarney, Dave and the guys at ‘The Shop’ in Ventura, California pulled together one of the coolest, and this is truly a great use of the word ‘Cool’, shows you can ever go to. This weekend was the annual ‘Primer Nationals’.

Chopped and channeled, slammed, frenched, shortened, stretched, fender skirts, continental kits, it’s all there. Mercury, Buick, Ford, Cadillac and Chevy. Trucks, coupes, sedans, wagons, buckets and convertibles. Flatheads to SOHC Ford’s. Open headers with cutout’s to ‘twice pipes’. An amazing show. Every sight, sound and smell (some hot rodders need to take a shower…ever seen the ‘Rat Fink character?) was there.

Why a post about a car show? Well, besides a fleet of motorcycles I also have a ’63 Ford Fairlane with a built Boss 302 motor. And, it has a lot of primer on it…

It is a good destination for a Sunday ride. See you there next year.

Ok, there were a few cool choppers and bobbers there too…

Drive safe, drive fast..most importantly, drive cool

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