Let the show begin

This blog-post is being powered by ZZ-Top today. And… Marshall Crenshaw, Cream, The Kinks, John Hiatt…I believe all of them are bikers at heart. This kind of work environment drives my wife crazy but it works for me.

This last weekend was the Cycle World International Motorcycle Show in Long Beach. I love going to the show..whether for work or fun. I always run into friends,
see the new bikes and all the goodies I would love to have. This is when my credit card is taken away from me before I go. Wives..spoilsports that they are.

Friday morning is the start of Media Day at the show. Even though Long Beach is not the first show of the season, a lot of new bikes are unveiled there. The logic is simple..Southern California is the main market and this is where the magazines are located..gotta have press coverage you know. That’s why The MotoWorld is here.

My good friend Michael and I survived the L.A traffic and arrived at the show looking forward to some good interviews, checking out all the newest,latest and greatest in the motorcycle world, seeing old friends, meeting and talking with people who you know their names,their writing, but not their faces, and making new friends.

Between Michael and I, our day was full with interviews, photo’s and the basic media circus. Can’t complain at all. The new Harley XR1200, some very cool Cafe Racer’s from roadracer turned custom bike builder Roland Sands some vintage Cafe Racers from local guys…I need to blame my friend Erik for my newly rediscovered love of this genre of bikes…remember he and I have a contest for building the coolest Cafe Racer out of a Honda 350…there was a really neat little Honda 160 all cafe’d out a couple of beautiful Guzzi’s and a waaaay trick CB750.

All in all a great day…but, I have to say, even though there are a lot of technical improvements in new motorcycles, they all look the same, feel the same and…well, I don’t know…for me the show was more about the people. Industry types and regular riders. I guess that really is the essence of motorcycling, the people that ride.
So today, go out and ride your motorcycle…cruiser,sportbike,cafe racer or scooter, just go ride.

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