The race is over

CIMG6236Superbike weekend is over, well, not really. The race was over a couple of hours ago but for the media, the day isn’t quite done. Photographers are editing, uploading and sending pictures, websites are posting results and bloggers are blogging away. Race days are long days. This is what we have chosen to do so no whining.

During the day we complain about the heat, the wind and how big this place is, it is a lot of walking, but back here in our little haven there is sense of accomplisment each time we get back from the track. Everyone is looking over everyones shoulder at their pictures and complimenting or giving help. If someone needs a piece of equipment, there it is from friends or strangers. It’s great environment.CIMG6237

So now we are starting to pack up, saying goodbye to new and old friends and making sure we’re not forgetting anything. This the time to thank John Gardner and his staff here at the Miller Motorsports Media Center, for four days they take great care of us in everyway from food to tech you name it and they do it with a smile. Of all the race tracks we go to, this is far and away the best. Thank you John.

Say good night Gracie…CIMG6239

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