Bobber or Cafe’ Racer

I have never been a chopper kind of guy,I didn’t have the look when I was younger and I certainly don’t now..but, yes,I do have a tattoo… that probably wouldn’t let me into the ‘chopper club’ though would it?

In the early ‘70’s a good friend of mine built a a very nicely done chopped Honda 350…yes I did say Honda 350…hey, he did a good job and rode it all over California.

I was much more into the Cafe’ Racer style…I can blame my stepfather for that. Over the years I have built a couple of Cafe’ Racers…or Cafe’ styled bikes. My first was a ‘69 BSA Lightning 650, then next was a ‘72 Kawasaki H2750. Drop the handlebars, get a bum-stop seat, a custom exhaust, maybe a small windscreen..modify the foot controls, better suspension, some grippy tyres and you’ve got a Cafe’ Racer…well, maybe…H2

My good friend Erik of and I have a contest going on, we’re both building Honda 350 Cafe’ Racers…the contest is to see who can get the bike done first and then put it to a vote as to whose is a real Cafe’ Racer. I have feeling he’ll win the contest…but I’m sure I’ll like mine a lot better.

tritonWhile working on my plan for the little 350 I decided to broaden my bike building horizons and I have come up with a great idea..a ‘Cafe’Bobber’. The concepts are the same, strip the bike down to it’s bare essence…lighter, faster and better (?) looking…remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. As I searched for inspiration I realized that I was right on…different views to a similar end. A strong engine, a gas tank, seat, throttle and down the road you go. I might want to consider upgrading the brakes..nah, they’re good enough.1954Harley-DavidsonFlathead45

As I look at these pictures, I think my little Honda will become the first SL350 “Cafe Bobber’. This winter project is getting more fun by the day. Now, let’s see where’s my cutting torch???CIMG7856

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