Update on Cal Trans sign

Apparently some people took offense to a new sign on some of Southern California freeways.Back on February 17, we here here at The MotoWorld published a story about the signs, a couple of days later other motorcycle media jumped in and then it hit the mainstream media…newspapers and TV. You know any publicity is good publicity.

On February 19th The San Diego Union Tribune published a front page story titled “Freeway messages stir outrage in some drivers”. In the article, Edward Cartagena, a spokesman for Cal Trans San Diego says, “none of the calls we have gotten have been positive, one call was a twenty minute rant” continuing on, Cartagena says “Cal Trans has received (at that time) eight hundred calls, mostly positive except here (San Diego)”. So what gives with San Diego? San Diego County is number two in motorcycle deaths right behind Los Angeles County. This sign project is a joint effort between Cal Trans and the California Highway Patrol, neither wants to be picking up downed motorcyclists.

As I have written before, yes it is legal for we motorcyclists to ride between lanes but we too have a responsibility in doing this. Don’t speed excessively, the CHP basically (it’s an officers judgment call) allows for about 15 MPH above the flow of traffic; learn how not to be in a drivers blind spot, pay attention to their mirrors, like the truckers say “if you can’t see my mirrors, I can’t see you”. And speaking of mirrors, learn how to watch the driver’s motions…things like when they start looking in their mirrors it’s a good chance they’re getting ready to make a move and you don’t want to be in that spot. Don’t make aggressive lane changes where you might scare somebody and they jerk the steering wheel right in your direction. We need to pay attention to drivers as much as they need to pay attention to us.

For those drivers that called to complain, there is an old saying ” before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes”…in this case my feeling is that those who are upset by motorcyclists on the road should spend just one week commuting by motorcycle on the freeway’s and their tune would change very quickly.

And lastly, when someone moves over and gives you a little room to get by, give a little wave or a friendly nod. That can and will go a long way to generate better relations with car drivers.

Oh wait, I forgot one thing…when a driver isn’t quite so courteous, do your best to avoid giving them the one finger salute…that only encourages them dislike motorcyclists.

3 thoughts on “Update on Cal Trans sign

  1. Faceyman

    Well stated Paul! With increases in traffic and people using cell phones, blackberries, etc. while driving, it is even more critical that we do all we can to make cage drivers aware of us. I welcome initiatives that promote awareness for motorcyclists whatever it may be!

    1. themotoworld Post author

      Hi Bryan…hows life in the frozen north? And hows the boy’s skating going? Did you guys spend a good amount of time watching the Olympics?

      Glad you liked the post…it really is important that cars start paying attention, but like I said in the follow up post, we have to pay attention as well. What I’m starting to get worried about is that govt is starting to get more and more involved. From helmet laws (which I somewhat,kind of believe in…I wear a helmet all the time), military bases require wearing a reflective vest (at ALL times, on and off base)…Honda has an airbag on Gold Wings, BMW has a bike with a roll cage….

      I hope all is well in faceyman world..it’s going to be a good week here, riding down to San Diego to see kids and grandkid this week..interviews with John Ulrich of Roadracing World and Mitch Boehm of Moto Retro Illustrated Magazine…

      Take good care my friend, stay warm and keep that kid skating… Paul

  2. Maria aka PartyGurle

    I 100% agree with everything you said. And agree with Bryan’s comment too!
    Awareness is the key…especially me being a little thing that I am, it’s already bad enough that drivers “look” at you but don’t “see” you…


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