Dealing with traffic

Recently I wrote about a freeway sign that our friends at Cal Trans, the California Highway Dept. put up then followed it up with a commentary regarding response to the sign from the general public. I have gotten comments from friends and readers about the signs and questioning are they really helpful.

My belief is that the signs are of value, but as we motorcyclists know, a sign on the freeway is only a start in building awareness. We need to take things into our own hands to truly get the car driving public to pay attention to us. Do we follow the “Loud Pipes Save Lives” credo? NO. Do we wear bright orange ‘safety vests’? No self respecting motorcyclist would do that unless forced to by your job (government jobs come to mind). Do we write blogs about motorcyclists rights? Yes, but I think I found a better way to deal with Southern California traffic…get out of my way!!!

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