They’re baaaack..The World Superbike Circus is in town

The annual pilgrimage to Utah, an eleven hour drone up Interstate 15 has landed us back in the media center at Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, Utah and we couldn’t be happier. It’s always a great time here, we catch up with a few old friends, make few new ones and work our butts off. We love it, unless like today when one of the computers decided it doesn’t like Utah weather, we’re back to one internet capable machine. Does not make for a happy photographer.

Speaking of weather, when we arrived at the campground, a couple of guys came over and informed us that earlier in the day the wind was howling, well at that moment with Martini in hand it didn’t seem so bad and I think these guys just wanted to be nice and warn us. This morning dawned bright, sunny and calm. One hour later Hurricane Zelda started blowing…our little tent was flapping around so much it would have woken the dead. All I could picture was Dorothy holding Toto stomping on the storm cellar door yelling “Auntie Em, Uncle Henry let me in!!” Here at the track, canopys were tossed, large lens cameras became weapons, little Japanese mechanics were being blown down to the Italian garages and we’re just loving being here.

Today is a work day though, wind be damned!! Got some interviews in, made plans for more tomorrow morning and got some pictures in, all in all a good day.Tomorrow is when the real work starts as everybody will be here, the media center will be packed with journalists from all over the world writing their little moto-journalist brains out and photographers will be out on the track and flying back into the room rapidly uploading and sending pictures all over the world, then running to the next shuttle to get best vantage point for the photo that will make them famous. And me, what will I be doing? I carry a little voice recorder and a microphone and talk to people…it’s a hard job but someone has to do it. I think right now though, I’m going to trade my microphone for a Martini, I’ll give you an update tomorrow sometime.

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