It must be in the genes

I have a four year old Grand daughter, when did I get old enough to have a grand daughter? Uh, just look in the mirror. Oh.

grandpa-and-malenaShe is smart, fearless and loves trying almost anything except spicy foods…she’ll learn. Here is where the good part comes in. She loves her daddy’s motorcycle. She sits on it whenever it’s not covered and always asks daddy to start it.

Daddy didn’t get into motorcycles until he came home from a three month trip to Europe where on a Greek Island he rented a small bike and toured the island. I picked him up at the airport and on the way home he asked if he could ride one of our motorcycles. I said sure, but why? He said “I finally get it, I know why you love motorcycles”.

He slept most of the next day (jet lag) then woke up and went looking for a helmet. I put him on a Honda CB350 and we headed off. From there it was various riding and racing schools, 24 hour endurance races, sprint racing, commuting from Ventura to UCLA everyday…his life was on two wheels.

Fast forward a few years and he has a daughter that also loves motorcycles. He’s doomed.


2 thoughts on “It must be in the genes

  1. Motorcycle Rambler

    It’s amazing how people suddenly wake up to motorcycles. Your granddaughter is gorgeous. We have a 4 month old grandson and people (his parents) are perplexed when they hear me talking about his first motorcycle. I wonder why?

  2. themotoworld Post author

    Congratulations on your Grandson. I love being a Grandpa!! My Grandson doesn’t like motorcycles, but Grand Daughter loves them. I promised her when she turned 5 I’d get her one (she’s 4 1/2). Every week when I talk to her she reminds when her birthday is! And when people wonder why you talk about getting him his first motorcycle…just smile.


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