Two wheeled therapy


There is a saying, If you want to be happy for a day…drink. If you want to happy for a year… get married. If you want to be happy for life…ride a motorcycle.

When I started traveling on a motorcycle I found a peace that even the Hippies of the Sixties didn’t know about. It was the connection between man and machine and all that Mother Nature can throw at you then at the end of the day you set up camp (or crash at a cheap motel) and reflect on your day and a big smile shows up on your face.

The reason this blog is called Helmet Time is because inside your helmet you have times of heavy concentration and others that you are just enjoying where you are at. The feel of the weather, the ability to look all around, take in the beauty with no impediments. The feeling of your motorcycle whether it be an ultra smooth multi cylinder Tourer or a vibrating thumping Tourer, you settle into a state of pure bliss. I’m on my motorcycle.screen-shot-2015-05-11-at-9-09-28-am

Very few cars offer a true connection… with air conditioning, power widows to seal everything out and a stereo system that shakes the road and power steering, most cars isolate you from the world. But on a motorcycle you feel the world. On a motorcycle you need to be aware of everything, and that is part of the enjoyment of riding. You’re engaged, you’re focused and that is a form of meditation. Body and mind come together along with your machine, you have a flow.  Settle into it and enjoy every moment…well unless you happen to have to commute on the 405 Freeway in Southern California then you know you did something bad in a past life and you’re having to repent.



Oh, and when you’re meditating on your motorcycle, try not to be this relaxed!!!

Ride safe, Ride Far and I’ll see you on the road…Paul

8 thoughts on “Two wheeled therapy

  1. twotiretirade

    I have always said that driving in a car is like Watching TV. Your watching the scene go down from a far. Riding a motorcycle is like being part of the TV Show. Your immersed in the environment your are riding through. Everything is more detailed, vibrant and real on a motorcycle.

    1. themotoworld Post author

      You’re right. Looking through a windshield with the radio on or a video playing in the backseat for the kids can’t come close to feeling the world around you and the road underneath you. Also, I love your writings.

    1. themotoworld Post author

      I’m with you. If I have to drive 45 minutes to work I’m frustrated at traffic. But…if I can ride my motorcycle and then take the long way home…life is good!

    1. themotoworld Post author

      It’s actually good marriage therapy as well. We don’t have radios to connect us. It’s all hand signals and the smack in the back of my helmet if I’m going to fast!

  2. Les Cockrell

    Amen, bro. I used to take so many things for granted before I started riding. Like even if you have to sneeze while on your bike, you gotta brace yourself for that shit.

    It’s definitely therapy for me!

    1. themotoworld Post author

      There is a saying…Meditation doesn’t mean you have to sit still. I find that just after I have put gas in my motorcycle, tahe few good deep breaths…the world looks a lot better from my handlebars.


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