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The Parade Mentality…again, sadly

I wrote an article a while back titled, ‘The Parade Mentality’ it was about a group of riders riding two by two, side by side slowly down the road holding up traffic. The riders finally pulled off the road to the delight of the mile long stretch of motorcycles, cars and motorhomes behind them. Think about how embarassing it must be know that on a motorcycle, you’re holding up a motorhome??!! Anyway, this version of ‘The Parade Mentality’ is a bit different. Sadly.

A good friend of mine, Steve McQueen ..not the dead one but the very alive one, is a Motorcycle Safety Foundation instructor(www.motorcyclenationpodcast.com) and a rider with years of experience. He can teach you much. One thing that all motorcyclists should know, either from being told by ridinig friends, reading your DMV test booklet or taking the MSF course from my friend Steve( or his counterparts, wherever you may live), is how to ride in groups.

Steve teaches basic riding skills and, working with other organizations, more advanced skills. One of the advanced skills is how to ride in groups. The group may only be three or four riders, it may twenty or more but the same basic rules and skiills apply. Riders are taught to ride in a staggered formation, never side by side nor too close together. And there is a good reason why.motorcycle_crash_200

1253391367Here is what happens when ‘The Parade Mentality’ gets in the way of safe and common sense riding. A dozen riders off to the hospital, some with serious injuries, a major interstate closed down for hours and all because one or two riders couldn’t stop fast enough..hit the cars ahead of them and the rest of ‘The Parade’ ran into them…instead of being cool, how about being smart.

Time flies when you’re having fun

Time flies when you’re having fun..or…How did I get from there to here..

I have a birthday coming up soon, at this point in life they seem to come pretty quickly, and I’m sure like most of us we reflect on our lives. What have we done and what haven’t we done. What did we want to do and what did we actually do. Where did the time go?

I have ridden nearly three quarters of a million miles on a motorcycle over the past forty years. From riding around the town I lived in, to desert racing, enduro’s, roadracing, cross country trips, commuting to work..and I have loved every mile. I have photo’s and memories, service bills and maps…but things have changed. Turn6Paul

Now I ride shorter distances for fun. I hang out with my other rider friends, we talk about the good old days, the Bonneville I rode, the Norton Mike rode, the trips Jeff took on his old BMW, how fast we were on the race track, rebuilding a bike over night in a hotel room…those were great days or as Bruce Springsteen sang,,,”the Glory days”

I still hang out at the biker bars, play some darts, enjoy my Guinness, talk story and compare broken bones. Yes, being a motorcyclist is a wonderful life..but again, how did I get here from there???aarp biker bar