Everything but hail…or…

…what the hail!
So there we were, girlfriend and I and our best friend ready for ride through the Sierra’s…we on a Yamaha TDM850, an overgrown wannabe dirtbike, and Jeff on a his BMW1200GS…after a tipover in the driveway..don’t ask.. we’re on the way. First stop Lake Isabella at the very south end of the Sierra’s, half the trip is a freeway drone, a quarter of it through the farm lands of the central valley in California ( the countrys bread basket) and the last quarter through a beautiful canyon along the Kern River. Friday morning dawns clear and beautiful. Out to Hwy 395 and north we go..a quick stop for breakfast then onto the Laws Museum in Bishop Callifornia. If you’ve never been or you find yourself in Bishop you gotta go!! A quick stop at the local supermarket for something to cook for dinner and of course some good, cheap wine to go with it.
Continuing up Hwy395 higher into the Sierra’s was truly beautiful, nice weather and spectacular scenery..what more could you possibly ask for?! Head west on the Sonora Pass to the other side of the mountain range. After we crest Sonora Pass ( a little under 10,000 feet ) we found a great campsite next to a stream with fishing and a good place to cool down the beer we’d been carrying all day. After a great supper and campfire it was a wonderful nights sleep. Saturday dawned not quite so clear and beautiful..uh..as we were breaking camp it started to rain..no, it started to snow!!! I’ve ridden in the snow before, but not two up fully loaded with camping gear!! Yikes…Anyway, we made it down to the town of Sonora safe and sound if not wet and cold. Hot coffee and a big breakfast we’re on our way to another Sierra pass! This time it’s Carson Pass heading to the southeast end of the Tahoe Valley. Riding along at pretty good clip ( thats what happens when you ride with ex-roadracers??!! ) we come upon a group of slower riders ( a big group!!) fortunately Jeff knows a little alternate route and we don’t get stuck in the 25mph parade. The road keeps climbing up the pass and there is more and more snow on the road..uh..could there be ice too?? Instant two wheel slide says “yeah baby!!” time to slow down maybe?? Nah…but it is time to stop and put on Pat Widders finest!!! Ah..electric vest and gloves..comfy! The rest of the days ride was pretty uneventfull but riding around Lake Tahoe is always awe inspiring. The fall colors unbelievable!
We arrived at Jeffs condo with enough daylight to check over the motorcycles and enjoy cocktails at sunset. Steak and Shrimp BBQ’d on the deck for supper…does life get any better?? I don’t think so.
The return trip in the next episode..stay tuned. Also be watching for the premier episode of ‘the motoworld’ podcast coming in the next day or so..
See you on the road!

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