You meet the nicest people…

…on a Honda!!
Everyone knows that old advertising slogan…well, at least you should. Brian Wilson (The Beach Boys) even wrote a song for the ‘Hondels’?? about a ‘Groovy Little Motorbike’

Anyway, yesterday I got an e-mail from an old friend, an article in the London Telegraph Newspaper ( about the Honda Cub motorbike. It was a wonderful surprise to get this e-mail from my friend for a number of reasons.
First, I have a Honda Cub…not just a Cub, a ‘Super Cub’!!! 1959 C110. A whopping 55cc, I think about 8 horsepower..I’d bet on the 8 horses in a race however…second,my daughter learned how to ride a motorized two wheeled vehicle on that little motorbike, she made her basketball player (read, TALL) boyfriend ride passenger on it and thirdly…my friend Terry (who sent the article) crashed our little Super Cub in a garage at Willow Springs. It was the first time she was on a motorbike..I guess I wasn’t a very good teacher. Sorry Terry.

The little Super Cub was the coolest little pit bike at Willow Springs..going for gas, new tires, lunch, visiting friends…it didn’t matter, the little Honda was always there. My friend Jay (another derelect 500cc singles racer) had a Bridgestone 50cc pit bike. We used to race around the access roads of Willow Springs between races for fun..that’s how we met World Champions Eddie Lawson and Wayne Rainey one day. They were racing Go Karts on ‘The Streets Of Willow’ course,but,that’s a story for another time.

I still have that little motorbike..needs a battery, but other than that, it runs great. It’s been sitting in my barn for about four years now. My daughter moved home recently and receiving the article got both of us to thinking…for puttin’ around town, to the grocery store, the auto parts store, Radio Shack…nothing better than the little Super Cub. A high ‘Giggle Factor’ ride if there ever was one. As you can tell, it needs a bit of TLC. OK, a lot of TLC. I’m having a guilt attack right now about that little bike, so I think I’ll go out to the barn and get the ‘Super Cub’ back on the road. I’ll keep you posted. You know what..I need to cruise E-Bay first to see if I can find a basket to put on the front…how cool would that be!

Have a good ride today and don’t forget to vote tomorrow.

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