Hellcat Customs

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a story about bike builder friends in Arizona that had a disastrous fire at their shop…everything was lost…except their spirit. Kelly and Jason are wonderful people and have a great circle of friends. This group of riding friends are circling the wagons to help rebuild Hellcat Customs.

Poker runs are generally really fun…you get to ride with like minded people for a good cause, a little competition…hey wait…the next million dollar idea here…have SpeedTV do a series on competitive Poker Runs!!! Yeah, that’s the ticket…travel around the country, do poker runs, make money, meet people…nah, it’ll never work…we’d all get stuck in Laughlin, Nevada and forget what day it is and where we’re supposed to be…and Speed wouldn’t do it anyway because it’s not NASCRAP…I mean NASCAR…oh well, it was a good thought.

Anyway…if you live somewhere in the Southwest United States or you live in the ‘Frozen North’ United States and need to escape…I have a ride for you. If you can’t make the ride…which is probably going to be much more fun than going to the mall Christmas shopping…you can help Jason and Kelly here…http://motorcycletravelamerica.com/page.php?id=152

Christmas is the time for giving, so instead of buying Sarah Palin’s new book help rebuild a custom bike business…however, I do reccommend Biker Billy’s Cook books…wait…that might be a bit insensitive at this time??

1 thought on “Hellcat Customs

  1. Maria aka PartyGurle

    Glad to see you posting up. I was just wondering the other day how you’ve been and where you’ve been. Too bad I’m all the way over on the east coast, otherwise I’d come out for the poker run for sure.


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