I’ve had it…

We have all said that. Whether it’s about our job, family, friends, the weather, and for some us…our motorcycle. But our motorcycle is always something that separates us from, well, everyone else. Riding is not something we have to do, well, for some of us it  is. We need the feel of a motorcycle, the sensory experience of feeling the weather, the smells of the land and the ability to truly look all around us as we pass through the countryside.20180803_091632

When I have “The I’ve Had it Moment”  I find great pleasure in riding. Riding a motorcycle is my job, but it is also my escape. I roll my bike out of the barn, start it up (hopefully it starts this time…the Stratoliner is a bit cranky at times…the Buell even more so), while it is warming up I get my gear on, say “see you in a while” to my wife and dog and start my two wheeled meditation.screen-shot-2016-04-07-at-5-30-09-pm

It’s easy to get lost in your daily world and lose perspective of the things that are important, not that your family or your job are not important but sometimes you just need to be with your motorcycle. Many of us are fortunate enough to live in a part of the world that we can ride pretty much all year long but I have family (my son) and friends (Bud, Angie, Roger….)  that live in areas that there is a ‘Riding Season’. Years ago I asked Bud, who lives in Michigan, what he does without his motorcycle during the winter. He ski’s. Then he rather sheepishly says, ” Once a month I go into the garage, open the garage door,  sit on my bike, start the motor it warm up, turn on the TV and watch ‘On Any Sunday’.

on-any-sundayMotorcycles take us away from somewhere and they take us to somewhere. There is a saying “Somewhere in the middle of Nowhere is where  you find yourself”. Whether we’re on the road or sitting on it in the garage, listening to the motor and feeling it breathe, we too breathe the air of adventure, the feeling of the ride.

Ride safe, ride far and I’ll see you on the road

Happy New Year,



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